The idea for this platform came about as I chatted with my guide, Sam, on our way down from an attempted summit on Mt. Pisco in Peru. As Sam recalled his years of professional guiding around the world, he also described how relocating to follow climbing seasons made it difficult to establish steady business. As I thought about my own difficulties finding a guide, the idea for a new online platform for guides developed.

I envisioned a place where outdoor enthusiasts could plan custom trips and receive quotes from certified guides. I envisioned a platform where guides could guide on their terms and more easily connect with potential clients searching for a guide with the knowledge and skills to make a dream trip a reality.

Since that day I’ve slowly worked on the idea, first by researching other travel platforms and the travel industry, then through conversations with guides and clients, and finally by finding partners interested in the journey and starting work on the website. Not wanting to wait until I completed he first version of the platform I launched the current version of the site to allow visitors to connect with guides in a more curated process. I also continued to discuss the idea with outdoor guides, guiding agency owners, outdoor industry insurance representatives, and other members of the outdoor community.

The first version of the new platform is nearing completion, but we don’t want to stop there. We envision a platform not only to connect members and guides, but also a place for members to connect with other members and guides with other guides. We want to create a community of outdoor enthusiasts who connect in person through shared passions. We want to enable guides to learn from  and encourage one another.

What that community looks like and how we get there is up to you. First and foremost our goal is to serve you, members and guides alike, so please help us. Share our platform with your networks, sign up to be part of the beta, and give us honest feedback and suggestions. We thank you in advance.