Here to Help Outdoor Guides and Adventurers Alike

The idea for, a website focused on bringing independent outdoor guides together with adventurers, first came to mind as I descended from Mt. Pisco base camp with my own guide. Following our unsuccessful summit attempt the day before, I developed a cough strong enough that I was forced to return to Huaraz instead of continuing on for a planned attempt on Chopicalqui a few days later.

Sam, a reserved, friendly guide from the northeastern United States, chatted with me about his years of professional guiding around the world. He shared his difficulties finding adventurers and described how seasonally relocating every few months made developing a business challenging. Soon it became clear that there might be a way to allow back country skiing, hiking, and climbing guides, among others, to find adventurers ahead of their seasonal relocations. At the same time, such a platform might solve a problem adventurers like myself had faced in finding and coordinating with outdoor guides online.

While I was disappointed in my performance on the mountain, I was buoyed by the positive reaction Sam had to the idea. I spent the next several months quietly working out the initial details while reviewing the idea with a few guides and friends with outdoors experience. Along the way I have been able to find a developer to bring the idea to life and friends who are both talented and dedicated to helping me bring into existence an idea born on a hillside in the Cordillera Blanca mountains.

What happens next is up to all of you reading this. We are building this platform and this community for you. If outdoor adventure is something you are passionate about, I invite you to take our survey, participate in the beta test, and give us your feedback so we can build the platform you want to use and the community you want to be a part of. All that’s left now is to #getguided or #getguiding.